Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Product Test Pacifier- Kids 6-24 mths

Ebeanstalk is looking for moms with children ages 6-24 months to participate in a product study. If you know any moms with kids in this age range who you think would be interested in trying this a pacifier, they would appreciate it if you forwarded this information and this email address to them

They are in the process of testing a new pacifier that is not yet out on the market, for ages 6-24 months. If you are interested, they will mail you the pacifier, along with instructions and a free toy. They'll give you a few days to test the pacifier out with your child, and then send you a link to a short survey, where you can tell them about your experience with the pacifier.

If you have a child within this age range and would like to participate, please let them know the age of your child and your mailing address so they can get started! And if you know any other moms who have a child within this age range, feel free to pass along this information and their email address to them! Specific instructions will arrive with the pacifiers concerning how to use them for this test.
If you would like to participate, please email Meg (address below) with your mailing address and the specific age in months of your child (must be 6-24 months of age).
Contact Meg Whitaker at ebeanstalk (mwhitaker@ebeanstalk.com) to sign up if you are interested!

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