Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Host a Digiorno Champions House Party


Invite friends and family over for the games and turn them all into believers when you serve the NEW 3-pointer from DIGIORNO Pizza & Breadsticks: A delicious full-sized pizza with a hand-tossed style crust, a full order of tender breadsticks, and marinara dipping sauce — all in one box!

If selected to host on March 20th, you'll serve your team an all-star lineup including Pepperoni Pizza with Cheesy Breadsticks, Supreme Pizza with Garlic and Herb Breadsticks, and Cheese Pizza with Cheesy Breadsticks. You're sure to be a star player on Game Day.

So, get your game face on and champion the new taste of victory — DIGIORNO Pizza & Breadsticks. Taste. Believe. It's not delivery. It's DIGIORNO.

Fill out the application here, and if you get to host a party don't forget to invite me!

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