Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Panera: MyPanera Rewards Card

The Dayton area Paneras (and several others across the US) are offering a new loyalty/reward card. It is a free program, and the with surprise rewards and even birthday bonuses. You can fill the form out in store, or register online. (It is faster to register online!) Though the details are, well… not there, any reward from Panera sound GOOD TO ME! (I’m crossing my fingers for a cinnamon crunch bagel!)

Note: Only select locations are participating. All of the Dayton area locations were listed, and a lot of Cincinnati locations were included, as well. You may want to check your local store’s participation on the site.

Do any of you already have a MyPanera card? Tell us what you guys get after signing up!



  1. I registered my card and found out I get a ree pastry!!! Mmmm...

  2. I have one! (wow--a deal I had before the Wellsuz?) You get a pastry/sweet for signing up, and then free things throughout the year.

  3. I used the Free pastry a couple weeks ago and got a Pecan Roll. Yesterday when I went got a $1 off my coffee.