Friday, March 12, 2010

Starbucks: FREE Pound of Bold Coffee

We were at Starbucks last night and there is a new promotion going on right now. Every week for the next 8 weeks when you order a TALL brewed coffee of the week, you will receive a sticker for your coffee passport. Collect all 8 and get a FREE POUND of Bold Coffee.

March 9-14- Yukon Blend
March 15-21- Italian Roast
March 22-28- East Africa Blend
March 29- April 4- Komodo Dragon Blend
April 5-11- Caffe Verona
April 12-18- Cafe Estima Blend
April 19-25- Gold Coast Blend
April 26- May 3- Sumatra

Just remember your passport when you go to Starbucks each week.

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